“Fishers of men” or social networking for media, business, recruitment and education

The course is aimed to give the basic knowledge and skills in the use of social networking and social media communications by professional journalists, marketers, advertisers and PR men, recruiters and educational managers. Listeners of the course will get an initial idea of the integration of social networking into all areas of the modern information society (for pupils, entrants and general interested audience) and will get an opportunity to develop practical skills in journalism in new media, marketing, PR and advertising, recruiting, organizing youth activities and distance education in blogosphere; promotion of business, brands, projects and activities in social media.

The expected results for the course listeners include getting the appropriate set of practical competence in the field of blogging, virtual marketing and advertising, recruiting and organizing virtual events in social media and online education through the use of interactive features of MOOC.

Needed Learner Background

The entry requirements for the course learners include a basic level of the information computer technology use (at the level of PC and popular social networks user) and basic knowledge (at the level of general terms) in the field of marketing, advertising and social communications.

Target Audience

  • Existing and future professionals in spheres of journalism, marketing and advertising communications, organizing work with young people, distance education and recruiting
  • Postgraduates of relevant educational programs, who have a need for advanced training or basic knowledge on the use of social platforms in their professional activities
  • Pupils, entrants, potential freelancers and those who want to know new communication possibilities of the medium of social media and get the basic skills of their use in self-expression, communication, shopping, virtual mobility and education

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Terms and Conditions

The course is free. To access full course content, you’ll need to register on the platform Coursera and to enroll into the course. The course is always open, and you’ll be able to start as soon as you enroll.




PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology



Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology



Senior lecturer of the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology