Let’s read Russian classical literature together: “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov

The ideal outcome from the course is to master by means of teacher-student cooperation a universal model of work with literary text that may be used as a basis of purposeful reading skills formation. These skills are significant in real communication and in training activities (both in native and foreign languages). The writing that has been selected for purposeful reading skills formation is popular in Russia as well as abroad. Moreover it is a part of the world literature gold reserves.

After completing the course learners will be able 1) to analyze a writing from the point of view of the author’s communicative idea; 2) to comment on the text considering the provided communicative task; 3) to interpret a writingdefining meaningful and linguistic units that serve as a basis of the writer’s idea development; 4) predict the content of the text basing on the sentiment analysis; 5) to construct their own judgement; 6) to introspect on the author’s images, means, communicative idea; 7) evaluate their own speech utterance as a result of the introspection on the text.

Needed Learner Background

Basic knowledge in Russian literature (equivalent to the secondary education in Russia), level of competency in Russian – А2–В1 and higher (for foreign learners), the novel “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov read in advance (foreign learners may read the translation into their native language).

Target Audience

  • General interest
  • Lower division undergraduate
  • Upper division undergraduate
  • Professional or Graduate

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Terms and Conditions

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Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor, Professor, Department of the Russian Language, Faculty of Philology



Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of the Russian Language, Faculty of Philology