Vocational Psychology

The online course is aimed to provide the basis for an international educational program in Vocational Psychology connecting professors and lecturers from different countries working on the problem of creative life and talent management.  The study of psychology activation (level of self-regulation) from activity, activity by vocation and not by coercion.

About the course

Students will be able to approve or improve their lifestyles, work styles, relationships with others, the strategy of their businesses, their role in their companies and more.

The main idea of the course: if not by vocation then by coercion. Coercion is inevitable be it needs a to be limited. Vocation is harder and more important than coercion but it requires a particular sensitivity with special competencies.

Coercion is not the best form of managing life, but occasionally unavoidable. It exists and it should be properly put in its place. If a person does not live by vocation than they must live under coercion. As the saying goes: “An obedient servant destiny leads, while the non obedient is dragged".

Target Audience

  • Everyone who is interested in personal development
  • Teachers and psychologists, managers, specialists for youth affairs and other specialists of related areas who deal with problems of personal self-control, motivation and efficiency
  • People aged 18 and above and interested in creative personal fulfilment
  • Students of faculties for science and engineering interested in focused transferring actual knowledge of vocational psychology
  • Students of humanitarian faculties who will use the course as an additional module in studying personality psychology and creativity psychology
  • Parents aiming to see and realize the potential of their children

Terms and Conditions

To access the course content, you’ll need to register on the platform and to enroll into the course. When a learner is enrolled, the course appears on their course dashboard. All enrolled learners (including auditors and learners in the premium experience) receive course announcements, deadline reminders, and progress tracking.


Oleg Lukyanov
Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Psychology of Personality at the National Research Tomsk State University, a Deputy chief editor of “the Siberian Psychological Journal” and existing member of the East European Association for Existential Therapy (EEAET), the author the concept of trans-temporal psychology. His research interests focus on the existential-phenomenological psychology in the social practices and the practices of psychological help. He has authored, directed and supervised a number of researches, educational and social projects to implement the fundamentals of existential-phenomenological psychology in daily life.

Anastasia Stipek
Senior researcher of the Department of Psychology