Sketches of Siberia. A town of Tomsk: Russian course for foreigners

The course is for studying of Russian as a foreign language. It is based on the material of the texts about the ancient Siberian city. The course will be attractive for everyone who wants to improve knowledge of the Russian language and who is eager to learn Siberia.

Target Audience

People who live out of Russia and want to know what the life of today in Siberia is

Teachers in Russian as a foreign language: the course includes interesting regional adapted content

People who have at least the attainment level B1 and want to advance in learning of Russian

Terms and Conditions

The course is free. To access full course content, you’ll need to register on the platform and to enroll into the course.


Candidate of Philology, associate professor of the Faculty of Philology, Deputy Dean for International Students’ Affairs of Faculty of Philology

Candidate of Philology, senior lecturer of the Faculty of Philology, specialist in educational and methodical work with foreign students

Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Philology