Online Specialization “Digital SMM-project: a virtual platform for business communications”

The Specialization is a series of 3 related courses and final digital-project aimed to use social media in professional activity and business communications within promotion of the digital project.

If you are a copywriter, a blogger, a photographer, a designer, a moderator, a marketing specialist or just a person seeking for self-improvement and growing own business, then this specialization is definitely for you!

3 courses designed to help you master your SMM knowledge
Capstone digital-project designed to apply and showcase the skills you learned
Specialization Certificate

Course 1. Платформы социальных медиа: история, аудитории, возможности использования (Social media platforms: history, audience, potential for use)

The course is aimed to give basic knowledge and skills of use of social networks and social media in communications in journalism, marketing, public relations and advertizing, recruiting, youth events and distance education

Course 2. Основы SMM: тренды, аудитории, платформы, аналитика (SMM fundamentals: trends, audience, platforms, analytics)

The course describes SMM marketing fundamentals including new social trends in business, introduction of crowdsourcing and coworking technologies in marketing communications, characteristics of new digital audience, monitoring of social media, etc.

Course 3. SMM-кампания: цели, стратегия, алгоритм, SMM-активности (SMM-campaign: objectives, strategy, algorithm, SMM-activities)

The course is devoted to acquire initial skills of advancing one’s own product (personal account/service/goods/company/blog) and other types of marketing communications (including branding, monitoring, client support and recruiting) in social media

Дипломный digital-проект: руководство к действию (Capstone Digital-project: guide to action)

The Capstone Digital-project is designed to allow you to take the knowledge you have gained through the Specialization and put that knowledge into practice. You will be suggested to work out, create, promote a digital project in social media and to involve audience.

The Specialization learning process is accompanied with the instructors’ informational and methodical support of your Capstone Digital-project through step-by-step specified tasks for project purposes as well as thanks to supporting subject-oriented learning materials: guest videos with business representatives and specialists in this field, case-studies, references to additional materials, SMM infographics, action diagrams, etc.


PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology

Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology

Senior lecturer of the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology
Senior lecturer of the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology
When you finish a Specialization, you get a Specialization Certificate. You'll also get Course Certificates for each course you complete in a Specialization.

Terms and Conditions

The specialization is on a fee bases. To access full content of each specialization course, you’ll need to register on the platform Coursera and to enroll into the specialization.