Biological Diversity (Theories, Measures and Data sampling techniques)

The course presents an overview of the theory behind biological diversity evolution and dynamics and of methods for diversity calculation and estimation. We will become familiar with the major alpha, beta, and gamma diversity estimation techniques.

About the course

Understanding how biodiversity evolved and is evolving on Earth and how to correctly use and interpret biodiversity data is important for all students interested in conservation biology and ecology, whether they pursue careers in academia or as policy makers and other professionals (students graduating from our programs do both). Academics need to be able to use the theories and indices correctly, whereas policy makers must be able to understand and interpret the conclusions offered by the academics.

The course has the following expectations and results:

  1. covers the theoretical and practical issues involved in biodiversity theory,
  2. conducting surveys and inventories of biodiversity,
  3. analyzing the information gathered,
  4. and applying their analysis to ecological and conservation problems.

Target Audience

  • Lower-intermediate division undergraduate
  • Upper division undergraduate
  • Professional or Graduate
  • Master and Ph.D. students

Needed Learner Background

Basics of Ecology and Calculus; good understanding of English

Terms and Conditions

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Roberto Cazzolla Gatti

Ph.D., Associate Professor in Ecology and Biodiversity,

Biological Diversity and Ecology Laboratory,

Bio-Clim-Land Centre of Excellence, Biological Institute, Tomsk State University